Letter From The Chairman

We spent in Abdul Wahab Al-rajhi (Marble Boutique) a huge efforts of hard working during more than 23 years to establish a foundation with Competitive value not only in the kingdom but also in the GCC & Middle East. we depend into achieving  our big ambition on choosing the best marble and ornate stone along with increasing the professionalism of our staff since

all creative jobs need an expert hand in producing.

Thus the Marble and ornate stone it is absolute creativity, it means that we put our creative touch on what the mother nature created, extract it by our strong vision then cut it according to international quality standards, then delivered to our clients as masterpiece. Really we are looking forward to be the best natural marble and ornate stone company in the region through the quality and featured species of marbles alongside introducing "after sales service". We set our strategy on clear basis to be the best supplier for the finest marbles, depending on our handling with all production process elements, starting with clients and not finish with our work environment.

We believe in Abdul Wahab Al-rajhi establishment that the successful jobs going over on solid basis, So we committed ourselves to our basis, jobs, values and We put our sights that the success come from the commitment to values and Ethical & professional standards.

We hired the best experienced architects who carried scientific and practical know-how,  alongside of insight to implement what they draw in order to transform their drawings into masterpiece of touchable stone in our clients places. it is one of our best values in commitment of the professionalism in design and execution. On the same level, we established strategic partnerships that rich our jobs with a lot of European professional companies which produce the finest natural & ornate stone along with reshaped natural stone in Europe and the World. Our Partners are the professional in extract the stone and prepare it to be milestone in our clients' places.


Nothing will stop our successful marshal, since we built our ambition on solid foundation that   care of human and morals, so we realize in Abdul Wahab Al-Rajhi establishment  that nothing will stop us in our road to be the best supplier of finest marbles and high quality ornate stone in KSA and the region.