Architects Team

Our Technical & Architect department in Marble Boutique works on the clock to get precise inputs for perfect outputs that meet clients` aspirations. Our team holds the best of the best architects and design specialists who study the details of the project on the ground and estimate needs to reach to the most appropriate form through their accurate survey of the project's needs.

We deliver turn-key solutions starting from design to execution till supervising the installation in the final stage.. From quality of implementation in providing Redesign, ShopDrawing, BOQs  and Site Management, all of which place us in a leading position of the industry in Saudi Arabia and the region.

We aim at availing the Italian expertise in marble and stone installation through a life-long investment in our strategic partnership with   Santamarghrita Company which is a pioneer innovator that has an outstanding experience in this field. Moreover, Marble Boutique has been awarded the 'Green Builders - London' Certificate, and the 'Lead Protocol' Certificate in USA, both awards raved true added values on the legacy of achievements record of Abdul Wahab Al Rajah Est.