Who we are

It is the reason beyond our honor in Marble Boutique to be one of the main importers and suppliers for natural marble, and reshaped natural marble in the Kingdom of Saudia company Arabia. We provide kingdom markets by most exquisite natural marble to lend a magic touch to the residential & commercial buildings, and that what was our methodology since 1411 Hijri, gaining a brilliant reputation in the kingdom markets through our big capacity to introduce the finest marble which meets clients' needs & demands, and can be aligned with anyplace, so marble stone looks as an integral part of generic style and the elegance of internal and external designs of modern buildings.

We Import the marble from ancient European countries, which are distinct by its Historic and contemporary architecture such as Italy, Spain, Turkey, And Greece, the stones of these countries had shaped a foundation stone for its extended culture since a long centuries. We bring it with our exceptional capacities and experience to participate effectively for urban renaissance of our beloved country.

We have an imprint in every area in the kingdom; it outcomes of long years of hard working in Malls, Hotels and Residential complexes, in addition to private and residential flats. We care about qualities requirements in design and implementation, thus we draw our initial designs through expert architects who have the touch and the vision of the contemporary architecture.

We monitor all the details during the implementation & Installation to meet our practical values and clients' demands. The details are the core of creativity and professionalism which differential between the masterly and commercial works. All our projects across the kingdom are witness of our works quality.

We present all kinds of European marbles along with integrated services for projects based on stone, marble and reshaped natural marble.

We also have advanced capacity in technical and architectural support, starting with taking the dimensions of the site, and then achieve Drawings which will be certified, and then supplying process will begin according to it through local and Italian experience.